Light Civil Helicopter

KAI Aims to Expand the Civil and
Para-public Market by successful
Development of LCH

The LCH(Light Civil Helicopter) Project is a one that aims to develop a 10,000 pound-class civil helicopter and is under development concurrently with LAH(Light Armed Helicopter) to secure development and operation efficiencies.

LCH is developed based on the H155B1 platform of Airbus Helicopter to be utilized for a civil helicopter, such as the police, firefighting, VIP, passenger transport and medical evacuation.

LCH conducted its first flight successfully on 2018. KAI aims to complete the development of LCH in 2021.

Key Points

Key Points


  • 143 kts

  • 10,846 lbs

  • 943 shp X 2

  • 15

* MTOW, ISA, SL, Standard Fuel

Rotary Wing