Core Competence

KAI has excellent system integration ability for aircraft from
development and production to integrated logistics support.

Development Capability

KAI has world-class development capabilities in all type of aircraft, including fixed wing, rotary wing, UAV and space programs.

Holds multiple excellent personnel who have a diverse development experience in the KT-1, T-50, KUH-1, UAV and training system/ILS, and more.
Sets up perfect digital aircraft design infrastructure, including 3D design via CATIA system, pre-assembly by mock-up system and development information management via PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).
Secures test evaluation infrastructure ranging from ground test to flight test as shown in the full scale airframe structural test, fuel system operation test and holding test pilots in the company.
Holds manpower with excellent experiences and infrastructure which can perform Korea multi-purpose Satellite (Arirang), Geostationary Korea multi-purpose satellite (Cheollian), compact advanced satellite, and the electric & electronic parts, platforms and system development of the defense satellite.

MUH-1 Amphibious Assault Helicopter Simulator

  • T-50 Ground Test

    T-50 Ground Test

  • KUH-1 Aerodynamics Interpretation

    KUH-1 Aerodynamics

  • KF-21 VR(Virtual Reality) Design

    KF-21 VR(Virtual Reality) Design

  • LCH Wiper Ground Test

    LCH Wiper Ground Test

  • NI-600VT(VTOL) Ground Test Site

    Ground Test Site

  • Geostationary Satellite (GEO-KOMPSAT) Test

    Compact Advanced Satellite 500
    (CAS500) Test