Ethical Management

As a trusted global aerospace company,
KAI is fulfilling our social role and responsibility.

Ethics Management Policy

Code of Ethics
  • 01.

    We will create the best value by providing the best products and services to our customers.

  • 02.

    We will deal fairly and transparently towards our customers, suppliers and agents and will not receive any unfair favors or bribes.

  • 03.

    We will comply with the relevant laws when performing our work and will faithfully carry out our responsibilities and duties in respect of culture and customs.

  • 04.

    If we find out about any illegal acts, we report them in accordance with the ethics policy and protect the informant thoroughly.

  • 05.

    We apply the zero tolerance principles in cases of violation of ethical compliance regulations.

Ethics & Compliance Policy
  • Leading a state of
    the art enterprise

    Employees create the best products and services targeting global high-tech companies.

  • Creating Customer Value

    Employees will do their best to satisfy the customers with the belief that the company exists due to the presence of customers.

  • Developing profound
    future of mankind

    The company leads the way by respecting individual dignity, value and improving quality of life.

  • Protect the interests
    of shareholders

    The company maximizes shareholders’ interest through upright management activities.

  • Social contribution

    The company will pursue harmonious development with the local community and faithfully fulfill it’s roles and duties.

  • Cooperation with
    partner companies

    With mutual respect and sincerity, the company will treat the business fairly and faithfully as a principle of mutual cooperation.

  • The pursuit of
    environmental preservation

    The company leads the way by respecting individual dignity, value and improving quality of life.

  • Implementation of
    compliance management

    Employees will respect domestic/international law and the culture of trading countries for transparency and fair competition.

Code of Conduct for Ethics & Compliance
  • The purpose of this standard is to provide employees with guidelines that they must follow while performing their duties.

  • Employees maintain a focused and collaborative attitude to achieve maximum performance during working hours.

  • Employees must not make unfair recommendations, neglect of duties, or give inappropriate indications, and perform their duties fairly.

  • 1) Anti-Bribery and Acceptance

    Employees must not directly or indirectly accept bribes or bribers for suspected purposes, or make such promises. Even actions performed by social or business practices can not be immune from liability if they violate laws and regulations.
    * Foods(30,000 won), Gifts (50,000 won), Farm products(100,000 won), Family events expenses (50,000 won) or Flowers of family events (100,000 won) are allowed under the anti-bribery act of Korea

    2) Business travel expenses

    Do not overcompensate or overspend travel expenses to the customer or to a person in charge of duty.

    3) Supporting event

    Employees must not be provided with cash, garlands, or other items for company events such as picnics, sports, etc.

    4) Entertainment

    When providing or receiving meals or activities, the amount must be within the Social concept limit through business meetings with business partners.

    5) Borrow money form a partner.

    Employees must not make personal money transactions(loans, trading) to a trading company regardless of the reason.

    6) Donation

    Donations to politics related are not allowed, and charitable giving shall only take place within registered national institution.

    7) Information Security

    Employees must not disclose the company's information to the public or use it for personal profit, and if breached, if will be handled according to the policy of zero tolerance.